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Job Costing and Project Tracking

Easy to use, Job Costing and Project Tracking integrated ERP system. Improve accuracy, standardisation, and automation through Virtual Assistants Process, Estimating, CRM, Scheduling, Construction and Accounting Managers. Industry leading consolidation, integration and functionality delivers increased Back Office and Supervisory Staff Productivity via the use of Take-off tools, estimate templates, automated order approval and by automated execution of repetitive clerical tasks. The system also provides an automated Reporting of, user defined, Delayed individual Tasks to the responsible manager and automated Reflow of Project Schedule. The structure of the login access to key documents on ProjectDeRISK Portals ensure necessary documents are readily available to relevant stakeholders, and are signed, stored, and delivered when required.

DeRisk Takeoff.png

Business Process Integration

ProjectDeRISK is designed for easy import of up-to-date material prices and specification data available on various websites. In most cases, ProjectDeRISK can be Integrated with the Existing Accounting Software. Most screens can be easily converted to Familiar Terminology and Customary Construction Processes. Work from home and mobile devices are also supported. Payment Approvals are user defined and linked to orders, work schedule, real time Work In Progress Reporting, work inspection tasks and third-party certification. Orders, claims, contract documentation, safety plans are automatically generated and posted from document library to, login controlled, Subcontractor, Supplier and Customer Portals.

DeRisk Estimates & Construction Project.png

30 Years Development History

ProjectDeRISK was developed for, tested, and improved for over 30 years of continuous use, without a sinlge annual loss, by a $100m+ homebuilder, designed for automated scheduling and rescheduling efficiency, it can standardize and control sales process, sales estimating, customer communications and automate décor and colour selections leading to reduction in errors and to improved margins. Subcontractor retention and construction times can be improved by critical path-based timeline templates, easily modifiable for inevitable variations. Poorly timed and incorrect material deliveries can also be reduced. Time saved by supervisors then may be used for additional inspections resulting in improved site safety, quality, and customers satisfaction and reduction in overhead costs.

DeRisk Create Job & Admin Project.png

No Upfront Costs. No Term Agreements.

ProjectDeRISK licencing requires no significant upfront investment, nor a fixed term agreement, US $40 per month per active project, in addition to current service providers fees and SMS service needed to enable some of the functions. The extremely low cost compares favourably with the commonly quoted 1% to 4% of total revenue spend on much less effective software solutions. Back-office automation and productivity gains alone should produce substantial return on US $40 per month you invest per job in a fully integrated CRM, Job Costing and Project Tracking software. Importantly users can start stop or start using the system at any time, for e.g., Service and Warranty referrals scheduling and tracking, number of projects left entirely up to the user, all the data remains the user and available notwithstanding project being inactive.

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